apologies and albert einstein

For those of you that faithfully read my blog: my apologies; it has been entirely too long since I posted anything! For those of you freshly stumbling upon this post: welcome to my ramblings!

A few months ago, I started some seedlings, nesting them in our guest bathtub under a fluorescent light. A few weeks in, they flourished, amazing me with the speedy germination of especially the lettuce…since then, they have flopped. I do not have the greenest of thumbs and have no clue what to do about my sad seedlings. I’ve read numerous things ranging from “put them in bigger pots” (which I don’t have) to “ plant them outside now and cover them at night” (which I’m not wanting to risk the ever-present frost potential). So, for now, they sit, drooping in the bathtub, until I decide nature has quit the cold for the season. I just spent a few hours prepping the deck with plant pots and hand-tilling and weeding the garden, so I’m ready to mix in some fresh dirt and put those plant babies in to grow!

One of two scenarios will inevitably take place: 1) the plantlings will make a comeback once planted in their summer dirt homes and my faith in money-saving strategies like starting your own seeds will be restored, or 2) the plantlings will flop (which is their current chosen path) and I will trudge back to the store like I have every summer for the past three years, and begrudgingly pay for already cultivated and healthy-looking plants that some other more experienced farmer has grown…and then, because I am an ever-hopeful-stick-it-to-my-failure optimist, regardless of this year’s success or failure, I will try to grow my own plants from seed again next year. Basically, I define insanity.

Farewell for now, more level-headed friends. I’m off to buy magic dirt that promises my not—so-green thumbs that I, too, can have a beautiful garden.

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