i. love. cooking.

Due to my employer’s schedule, I have had some wonderful time off this summer! Thus, the following homemakings ensued:


IMG_1546peach blueberry pie

IMG_1776strawberry jam

IMG_1789 granola

IMG_1788whole wheat bread

IMG_1556 God cooked this cutie up, but I had to include him!


There was also the redecorating of the kitchen, from reds and mustard yellows (think Tuscany) to apple greens and lemon yellows (think…summer). Of course, I’ll switch back in some of the reds come Christmas time. Lastly, I think I’m finally done nesting in this new place for a while: the kitchen’s done, with it’s homemade “artwork” (I framed some cheerful cloth), fun towels, new rug; the fireplace cozied up with some plants, basket with pillows (and some for the couch, too), candles, pictures, and a clock; cabinet installed in the guest bathroom; and curtains in the bedroom. Happy Homemaking!

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