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Garden 2010 Update

My little balcony garden has done alright this summer! The beefsteak tomatoes turned out to be smaller (and tougher-skinned) than the cherry tomatoes, but that’s alright. My herb tower and other pots are still producing multitudes of mint, basil, and parsley. I think I had a stem of rosemary and some cilantro at one point, […]

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Balcony Garden 2010

Last year, I attempted to cultivate a garden using pots and buckets, as we live in a second-story apartment and have no literal ground space to call our own. Nonetheless, I was excited to discover just how green my thumb might be. I reaped some herbs, namely basil, sage, and mint; beautiful blue morning glories, […]

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Mon Petit Jardin

When we got married and moved into our first apartment, I was so anxious and excited to start my own plants, to create mon petit jardin. I have had opportunities in the past to grow things, but this was the first time that I would be fully responsible for my little plants; mother is not […]

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