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Anti antiperspirant

Every now and then, I look for a new endeavor to tackle regarding natural and organic products, whether they be household products, hygiene practices, or all things edible. My latest experiment was in making my own deodorant. A friend recently suggested an awesome blog to me: Simple Mom. I won’t go into great detail, as […]

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Nature Prints

Due to the beautiful leaves this past fall, I wanted to get creative and somehow transfer nature’s beauty onto something that would remain, even after the leaves fell and withered. So I took a walk, collecting fallen leaves and berries as I went. At home, I took out my cutting board and laid some muslin […]

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Becoming a REAL scrapper…

Sometimes I give myself too much credit… Those who scrapbook spend lots of time thinking out their projects. They plan out each page carefully and creatively, utilizing souvenirs, pamphlets, precious few photographs, treasured items and so on, to create these sometimes beautiful, sometimes gaudy, but always interesting crafts through which they can look back on, […]

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