mon petit jardin, summer 2011

I’m always learning new things with gardening. We recently moved into a house and I elatedly learned I would have a garden plot. The planting began as soon as we had the house interior in working order.

  • tomatoes: heirloom and beefsteak
  • peppers: bell, tabasco, and jalapeno
  • greens: lettuce and spinach
  • flowers and decorative: morning glories, wild, lavender, hydrangea, mystery flowers I bought  but have no clue what they are, and coleus

What has worked: tomatoes, jalapeno and tabasco peppers in the garden plot; lettuce; morning glories, hydrangea and wild flowers; coleus

What has not worked: bell peppers in garden plot; peppers in pots; spinach; wildflowers, lavender, coleus, and random ones


What I’ve learned:

  • plants work better in the ground, like nature intended
  • bell peppers don’t like me
  • morning glories take forever, and sometimes should be called afternoon glories
  • the dog has no regard for my plants and rakes over them daily with his leash/cable
  • there’s a garden fiend eating half my best tomatoes- so much for vine-ripened tomatoes… I’m now saving them while green and window-ripening them
  • gnomes are a delight
  • water while there is still daylight…nighttime watering gets a bit wet pointless when you end up watering your grass more than your vegetables


    I’ll post more recent pictures as soon as I get them uploaded…

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