Anti antiperspirant

Every now and then, I look for a new endeavor to tackle regarding natural and organic products, whether they be household products, hygiene practices, or all things edible. My latest experiment was in making my own deodorant. A friend recently suggested an awesome blog to me: Simple Mom. I won’t go into great detail, as these ideas and creations are not mine and you can explore her website yourself…but I had to pass it on. In the “green and frugal” section of the website, this mom details explorations into more natural ways of caring for her family, herself, and her home. The post I found was a guest post about deodorants and antiperspirants, how antiperspirants are unnecessary and potentially harmful, and how  you too can make your own deodorant. So, I did! And guess what? It works. I’m still figuring out how much to use and the best method of application, but I am very happy with it. Thank you, fellow bloggers, and happy deodorizing!

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  1. Love the Simple Mom blog. Thanks for posting the link! You are one wonderfully adventurous soul and I love reading about what you're up to 🙂 I might try making some deo!


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