Nature Prints

Due to the beautiful leaves this past fall, I wanted to get creative and somehow transfer nature’s beauty onto something that would remain, even after the leaves fell and withered. So I took a walk, collecting fallen leaves and berries as I went. At home, I took out my cutting board and laid some muslin fabric on it. From there, I placed leaves on the fabric, took a hammer and gently pounded the “juices” out of the leaves, leaving “prints” on the fabric. After experimenting for a while (with some success and some failures), I cut out the good prints and sewed them onto parchment paper to make a set of cards. They could be used as greeting cards, thank yous, birthday cards, or for decoration! I gifted them to my sister-in-law for Christmas, receiving a lovely smile and thank you in return.

Bonus: Despite many washings, my cutting board still bears the leaf prints that bled through the muslin!

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