Tradition: Homemade Applesauce

Almost every year for as long as I can remember, my mom would take my sister and me to Stuckey Farm to pick and buy apples, as well as bring home a delicious collection of dutch apple pies, real apple cider, and those delicious marshmallow caramels! The orchard experience was always a blast, but when we got home, the real work began. We would slice the apples, cook them until they were mushy, puree them using the Victorio strainer that my grandmother gifted to my mom, and finally, mix in sugar and cinnamon before storing the final deliciosity in freezer containers.

Due to an early start to the school year (my mom is a teacher), I offered to independently take on this tradition. With the aid of my husband, we set out to Stuckey Farm, where I had a glorious time taking in the beautiful sunshine, the peace and quiet of the orchard, and the fantastical smell of all those apple trees! My husband entertained himself nicely with his camera. (Although he doesn’t necessarily share my intense love for some of my hobbies, he nevertheless remains supportive and enables my endeavors, adding his technological flair to them at times.) Once back at my parents’ house, I set to work, chopping, cooking, pureeing, mixing, and storing about 1.5 bushels-worth of apples.

The whole process took a few hours, but I had the best time, which was enhanced by the knowledge that I was carrying on the family tradition. I definitely plan to carry on this tradition as long as I am able!

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